stoop 1 «stoop», verb, noun.
1. to bend forward: »

He stooped to pick up the money. She stoops over her work.

2. to carry the head and shoulders bent forward: »

The old man stoops.

3. (of trees, precipices, or other natural outgrowths) to bend forward and downward; slope. SYNONYM(S): incline.
4. Figurative. to lower oneself; descend: »

He stooped to cheating. When lovely woman stoops to folly (Oliver Goldsmith).

SYNONYM(S): condescend, deign.
5. Figurative. to swoop like a hawk or other bird of prey: »

the comic muse, who should be taught to stoop only at the…blacker crimes of humanity (Richard Brinsley Sheridan).

6. Archaic, Figurative. to submit; yield.
7. Obsolete. to descend from a height.
1. to lower by bending forward; bow: »

A superb-looking warrior stooped the towering plumes of his head-dress…and entered the house (Herman Melville).

SYNONYM(S): incline.
2. Archaic, Figurative. to humble; subdue; subject.
1. an act of stooping; bending forward.
2. a forward bend.
3. a forward bend of the head and shoulders: »

My uncle walks with a stoop.

4. Figurative. condescension.
5. the swoop of a bird of prey on its quarry: »

The peregrine in its “stoop” attains 175 an hour, the highest speed ever recorded for a bird (Scientific American).

[Old English stūpian]
stoop´er, noun.
stoop 2 «stoop», noun.
U.S. a porch or platform at the entrance of a house.
[American English < Dutch stoep]
stoop 3 «stoop», noun.
= stoup. (Cf.stoup)
stoop 4 «stoop», noun.
Dialect. a post or pillar.
[< Scandinavian (compare Old Icelandic stolpe)]

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